The Review of Technical Term in Football Betting

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It is important to know not only the football game but also the technical term in football betting. A football game is played by two teams that each team consists of eleven players. Each team is divided into several positions. There is a goalkeeper, defender to back, and also the central players or striker. The divided of the back, the central players and the striker depends on the tactic used. The 4-4-2 strategy means there are 4 back and 4 and 2 players in the central and the striker. When the team applies the strategy 5- 3- 2, there are 5 back and central player and 2 striker players. The divisions are always counted from behind.  The length of time is a second round match. One half is equal to 45 minutes plus injury time. The injury time is the additional time given by the match officials based on the events that occur when the game is in progress. If the game a lot of unstoppable, it will get injury time that much anyway. The unusual injury time is ranging between 2 until 5 minutes. The game will start using within 45 minutes of the first half plus injury time. The rest time is 15 minutes, and then it is continued with the round to 2 for 45 minutes anyway and plus the injury time.

After understanding the real match in football, it is also important to know the technical term in football betting by knowing the terms; it will create the possibility in winning the bet.

Match Odds

Match Odds is usually known better as the term 1×2. This term is generally used outside the Asian continent. The inside term Match Odds, there are three options. The first option is called 1 or Home or it can be said Host. And the next term is X.X means draw or also the series. And the last term is 2 or Away. Away is also known as the guest team. We put one, if we are ‘confident’ host will win, x if the series, and the second when a team will win. Match Odds only counts using normal time (2 × 45 minutes). Fri=or te extra time does not count.

Over/ Under (OU) AND Total Goal (TG)

The term Total Goal is the number of the goal in football match during the normal time. While the Over/ Under is a type of bet on whether score in Total Goal passed the predetermined. For example, Over 2.5 is the same as the TOTAL GOAL 3 Goals or more, which means that we will win if the goals are created equal to or more than 3, the score can be 3-0, 1-2, 2-1 or 0-3. How to calculate it? you just add goals happened. While the total goal is Under 2.5 created not more than or 3 then we will win. So the result of 0-0, 1-0, 1-1, and 0-1 is a result of the UNDER 2.5.

Next Goal

Next goal is the term which means who will create the score next. Is it Home, Away, or no goal? The score of no goal will be always equal to the correct score that is active at that time. If the result is 2 -2, so the Odds in the Next Goal will be the same Odds in the Correct Score.

Correct Score

Correct Score means, the user must determine the end result of the match in normal time.

Half Time Score

This term means is also known as the Score HT. This technical term in football betting means the user determined the end result in the first round the football games.

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