The Real Casino Sedie is Now Available Online


Casino games always offers the best game and betting ever. One of the most popular betting game is sedie. Now, you can play Sedie anytime you want for it is available on QQ288 website.

A real Sedie on your gadget

The best part about the Sedie online that is offered by the QQ288 website is that its practicality. You can access the game anytime you want. The website is online for 24/7 with its excellent customer service. To start playing the game, you just have to create an account then log into your account on the website. The Sedie game is available on the E-game list. There are also over 60 online games you can play with the same account, besides the Sedie.

The site offers you a 24 hour service every day. You can freely ask the customer support anytime through the chatting room available on the website. Or for more convenient chatting, you can chat the customer support through several mobile chatting application. Though there is already a term and condition about the betting rules, the customer support will happily answer any of your betting question.

The real Sedie rules
The online Sedie on this website offers you a real Sedie rules. In this online game you use four buttons with white and red side. Just like in the real game, you have to use a shaker and place your agers on even. The dealer will shake the bowl. Then, the result of the white and red button combination will appear. Basically, you just have to wait for the odd and the even result for betting. You have to play along like the real se die game to win the bet. There are 6 types of betting, the 4 red, the 4 white, the 3 white and 1 red, the 3 red and 1 white, even, and odd.

Easy use features
Since Sedie offers similar rules to the real se die in casino, you do not have to waste your time to comprehend the online version. Sedie offers you easy features that resemble the real game. You can always place your wagers, make a bet, and wait result while the dealer shaking the bowl.

Terrific 3D graphics
The visual look of Sedie is also terrific. The game offer you a 3D look of the se die betting table with a silver shaking bowl. The green colored table is designed to get you a virtual look of the real casino table. The best part about the graphics is that you will feel like meeting real casino people with all of the casino girls.

Real betting and trial game
Basically, all of the betting games on the QQ288 website require you to bet with real money. There is a link that explains the term and condition to bet on this site. However, if you decide to play one of the games on the E-game list, the website offers you two kind of games. The first is the real betting game. Once you click the ‘play now’ feature, you are about to play the game with real betting. It means, you have to purchase some chips before betting. The second is the trial game. It is only for the games that are on the E-game list. If you are not confident about spending your money on real betting, you ca just click the ‘try now’ feature. This feature allows you to enjoy the game without real money betting. Both the real and the trial games offers you similar rules and system. So, the trial game can be the best solution to exercise your level before trying the real betting.

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