The New Big Foot to Play with a Real Big Foot

The-New-Big-Foot-to-Play-with-a-Real-Big-Foot QQ288

Many people becomes the fans of Big Foot, the mystical animals. Are you one of them? Well, you should try the New Big Foot online game that is offered by the QQ Group site. For any Big Foot freak and for you who want a different style of online game, the New Big Foot can be your next online game.

A logical and adventurous game

Basically, the New Big Foot game is a logical and adventurous online game that can be played by adults. The game require you to have some geek skills such as logical, fast reading and decision making, color memorizing, strategy, and pattern matching. You will face different challenge in every level. But, it is a very easy game. So you do not have to waste your time to learn how to play it. You can just jump and play the game. It is the best game to kill the time. Every level and challenge has science Big Foot theme with flowing narrative. It is like you are playing with the real Big Foot in their real life.

Story overview

The best part about New Big Foot is the story line. When you are starting to play the game, you will be told a story about a large creature that looks like a man roaming in the woods. He is about12 feet tall and he looks like an ape. Some appearing and foot print in the real life has been a debate among the cryptozoologists for years.

In this game, you will follow a story about the Big Foot with the real science knowledge. The whole game offers you 36 path cards, 1 round table cards, 25 footprint tokens, and the other cards such as the liar cards and reference cards. You just have to follow the story and fulfill every challenge in every level.

Attractive graphics

Another good thing about the New Big Foot is the attractive feature. The game offers you great graphics that will make you feel like looking at the real Big Foot. The Big Foot portrayal is designed based on the cryptozoology data. Of course, it will get you a scientific impression for fun. The cards are also designed with attractive looks with easy features to play the games.

The Big Foot game variants

There two main stories that you can find in the New Big Foot. First, it is the Elusive Bigfoot. The first variant lets you reducing the path cards to save the Big Foot from the Cryptozoologist. Second, it is the Crafty Cryptozoology. In the second story you have to give the Cryptozoologist a path card to use. It will increase the challenge for the new paths will be created. You will face the Cryptozoologist in the middle of the wild woods.

Start playing the New Big Foot

Do you want to start playing the New Big Foot? It is very easy. You can start playing the game by visiting the QQ Group site. The first thing you have to do before playing the New Big Foot or any other games and even the betting game is to create an account. Then, log into your account and click the ‘games’. You will find more than 60 online games in this sites. Just click the New Big Foot and you can start playing.

You need at least one enemy to play the game. Do not worry about it, you can find the partner online. There is 24 hour customer supports that you can chat all the time through the website or through the chatting application on your mobile phone. Some people thought that it is only the dealer and betting game where they can make money. In fact, you can also try betting and making money in the New Big Foot.

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