Tens or Better Game Review

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Video poker game which is offered to people nowadays is varied. With the internet connectivity which can be accessed easily by people, people can find easiness anytime they want to the play this casino game online. From so many versions of video poker game which people can find, there is Tens or Better which is developed by Microprograming. When people are talking about Microprograming, they of course will think about leading online casino game maker which places very high standard for its online casino game product. Maximum efficiency is used for producing this video poker after all. People can try this video poker game and they will enjoy the variation which is friendly to user. This video poker is designed for meeting the ability of beginners in video poker game playing. However, the veteran video poker players can still play the game without finding trouble. When playing this video poker game, people will not find any wild card. If people are familiar to Jacks or Better, they will find very great similarity with Tens or Better Poker. The difference is that people are able to realize the payout when they have a pair of tens or the better.

Pros and Cons

Tens or Better becomes the video poker variation which comes with good and bad parts. People can consider about the good parts for playing this game. It is good that this video poker comes with the ‘Double’ option which can be taken after the players win the game. It is video poker which will be played online and people can make sure that they want to find the biggest enjoyment which playing it in front of the screen displays. There is no need to worry about this because this video poker game comes with the crisp graphic. Players who want to play video poker online come from various levels including beginner to veteran player. They will find that this video poker game is accessible easily for them with different level of playing. This game is also completed with Auto Play option which can ease them when playing the game. Nevertheless, people must not forget about the bad parts of the video poker game. People will find it negligible about the combinations value which is lower compared to the Royal Flush. Of course people will find dissatisfaction since there is no bonus in the game including the wild card.

Game Play

For playing the Tens or Better, people need to use the standard deck which consists of 52 cards. Once again, people have to deal with the fact that there is no wild card used during the game. Before making the deal, the cards must be shuffled. This is the reason why they will find the random deal. For decreasing or increasing the wagers size, people can use the plus and minus control. ‘Bet One’ can be clicked if people want to put one unit at times no matter what types of coin which they use. Te maximum bet of certain coin size can be done by clicking the ‘Bet Max’. This is very simple step which people can take for playing the game. Five cards will be dealt when people choose to click ‘deal’. People can also utilize the ‘AutoHold’ if it is already activated. Hold on specific card based on the Optimal Play Strategy will be placed automatically by the software. If people play the manual mode, they just need to click the card which they want to hold. For bringing new cards, people only need to click ‘Draw’. They can finish the hand and the winning information will be determined immediately. If they win, they can consider using ‘Double’ option.

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