Different kinds of horse racing terminologies you should know

Different kinds of horse racing terminologies you should know

Touted as one of the most expensive games in the world, horse racing continues to entertain people from all walks of life with its shades of ultimate adventure and exhilaration. It is one of the oldest games with a few of its traces dating back to the era of ancient history. Since the game has evolved significantly over a period of time, there are Different kinds of horse racing terminologies you should know .

Different kinds of horse racing terminologies you should know

We bring you a list of most common well if you are a beginner. Here we go:

Buy the Race

Buy the Race is one of the most common horse online racing bet terminologies that may have you confused big time. It does not mean buying a race in real. The meaning is slightly different from what it actually sounds. It means using all the horses of a race in an exotic wager. That means if a player in the game buys a Daily Double ticket for the 1st and 2nd race or 8 with ALL, then the person who places the bet wins buys the second race.

Different kinds of horse racing terminologies you should know
Different kinds of horse racing terminologies you should know

Bug Boy

Jargons have tendency to appear what they are not in reality. The same theory applies to none other than Bug Boy in horse racing. It does not mean a boy bugged by someone. A jockey who is new or learning the tricks of the big game is called a Bug Boy in horse racing.


Like just any other game in the world, all the players in horse racing also indulge in intense workout daily to have an edge over other players. A clocker is someone who analyzes the workout performance of these players with a small clock in his/her hands. A clocker is responsible to rate and time workout sessions of players.

Claiming Race

In a race where any person is allowed to buy horses in the field with different prices is called a claiming race. People willing to buy horses in claiming races should do so before the race starts.


You do not train a horse in horse racing. You condition them. That means training a horse in horse racing is called conditioning.


Aspects taken into consideration to run a race by experts at sports sites with fast betting withdraw are called conditions such as distance, surface, and eligibility. All the key conditions are examined at length before a race.


To prevent damages on a particular area of the ground by horses during the race, several obstructions or cones are placed. These cones or obstructions are called dogs.


Not all horses cross the finish line of the race. There are some that pull up before the finish point. These horses are called Eased in horse racing.


You must have seen horses with caps over their eyes. They are placed specially to ensure that horses don’t see anything else apart from track. These caps or equipment’s are called blinkers. This keeps concentration of horses intact throughout the race.


In the world of horse online sports betting, Gelding refers to castrated male horses.


We know what a horse is. However, in the world of horse racing, a horse means something different. A male horse more than 5 years is called a horse in racing.

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