All American Game Review

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All American Game Review

All American Game Review

All American Game Review – Casino games for many people are always tempting whether the land or the online version. There is no question that many of them will try their best for sparing time so they can enjoy their favorite game at the local casino. Nevertheless, they do not have to worry if they do not have enough time which can be spared for visiting the casino building because nowadays they can play the casino game online. Various options of online multi play casino game can be played on their gadget screen including the video poker. Various types of online casino hold’em game can be found and people are free to choose the most suitable option for them. However, if they are looking for the video poker game which is pretty standard, All American Video Poker can be the best choice. This is the version of video poker which is straight ahead. For them who have never played the video poker before, they can learn further about video poker through this online game as introduction. It does not mean that the experienced player is neglected because they can enjoy nice game with this video poker version. Of course the experienced player can adjust the game so it can be suitable with their ability.

Pros and Cons

Pros and cons will always be found including when people are playing All American Video Poker game. This is the game which is developed for fulfilling the need of people for playing the video poker online. In fact, people can find that this is kind of great video poker game because it is offered with the option of doubling the winning. It is also the game which is made for making sure that people can enjoy the game with easiness since it is supported with available Auto Play option. The game is completed with the statistic tool as well as an analytical tool so people can monitor the progress of their game playing. This video poker game is the very basic version of the game so it can be great for a beginner since the game is pretty easy to understand. However, people will also be able to find the parts which are not satisfying because they will not find any wild card in the game. After the jackpot of Royal Flush, the jackpot will be lower drastically. Being a standard or basic version of video poker can be a good point but at the same time it can be a bad point as well because people will not find a lot of gimmicks or twists.

Game Play

All American Video Poker comes with the biggest jackpot which reaches 4,000 coins when they get Royal Flush which is played with five coins. The winning hand can be found when people have other combination including Jacks or Better, Flush, Straight Flush, Straight, Full House, Four of a Kind, two pairs, as well as three of a kind. For playing the game, people will use the standard deck with 52 cards. Before playing every game, the deck must be shuffled first. In All American video poker, people will not have any wild card. For playing the game, people only need to click on the plus and minus control so they can decrease or increase the bet size. For increasing the coin number they will bet by one, they have to click ‘Bet One’ but if they want to bet with a maximum wager, they just need to click ‘Bet Max’. By clicking ‘Deal’, people will get five cards which should be chosen one of them to be held. They just need to click on the card which wants to be held. ‘Draw’ button should be clicked for finding out the winner of the game.

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